Company History

Genuine Builders, Inc. (GBI) was incorporated in 2003 as a South Dakota corporation by James Bunker, its President, CEO, General Manager, and sole shareholder. It has operated since that time as a successor to Genuine Builders, LLC, which was itself, organized in 1997. From its inception, the company has been in the concrete construction business. For the first six years, from 1997 to 2003, the company limited the scope of its operations to local residential and small commercial construction projects.

Since 2003, GBI has expanded its business portfolio to include very large agricultural product storage, handling, and processing facilities, in addition to dry fertilizer, livestock feeding, handling, and processing facilities, and biofuels and wind energy production facilities. This growing footprint has taken the company to construction projects from the Midwest to both coasts and from border to border.

A core value for GBI is its well-earned reputation for high quality workmanship, with a skilled and dedicated workforce that is willing and able to complete large, complex structural concrete projects On Budget and On Time. No project within the continental borders of the country is beyond the scope of business of Genuine Builders, Inc.